Adam Farm

" the best of rural ambience "



Welcome to Adam Farm : 

Thank You so much to our 2016 guests  - we loved having you too !!


** WINTER  HAS ARRIVED .. we are a" seasonal only " accomodation

      CLOSED  NOW UNTIL  MARCH 17 / 2017

taking reservations for 2017 starting in January ... come for the " first " time  or as others do..." come again "


                                   ...UNwind .... see  the stars..... listen to the quiet of the night in the country


                                  Find  adventures in our community Trent Hills.... or find the comfort of the couch and the fire  ....




our farming business is primarily " crop production". We have field crop equipment tractors.etc. There are No  farm animals. 

 You have arrived at a real farm, owned by really nice farmers ! 

We offer our  BARN  LOFT  RETREAT   


There is a minimuim 2 night stay on  getaways 

       Wander around  our web site ( there are  very small headings  at the top ) and decide which " down on the farm retreat will best suit your whim's.   Enjoy your coffee while the morning sun warms your soul.  Prowl  the fields, back lane .  Birds will be singing amidst the huge spruce trees that  surround our home and you will be  "hugged by nature"  and the greatest feeling of "space".




       Come in as our guest... and leave as our friend !!

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your hosts, Donna & BillBill & Donna: your hosts/ proud owners of this heritage farm for 35 years..operating as a crop only farm.
          the farmhouse      nature retreat